Filip Šćepanović

Msc. Sci. of Architecture

Master of Science of Architecture and Planning, with focus on public and housing constructions and interior and exterior design. 

About Me

27 year old Architect from Montenegro, currently based in Vienna, Austria.

Through my 6-year university education at the Vienna University of Technology, a 3-month long interior and exterior design VizAcademy and practical work in offices in Montenegro and Austria such as Mondoshop, Martin Haas ZT GmbH, Architect Strixner ZT GmbH, I am ready to take on projects of any kind. I had the opportunity to work in many different positions and gain different experiences. From interior design and smallest details to the demanding public constructions. It is always my goal to learn and experience more so I can put all the knowledge into the new projects.

Awards & Achievements

Featured Project

2004 - 2011

Elementary School ''Štampar Makarije''

2011 - 2015

High School ''Slobodan Škerović''

2016 - 2020

Bachelor of Architecture and planning Degree at TU Vienna, Austria

2019 - 2022

Master of Science Degree in Architecture and planning at TU Vienna, Austria

Architecture is a team profession and I am a team player. Let’s talk!

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